Collection Organdi


Transparency and lightness help to create a sweet life atmosphere in a room.
Popular and used since 2001.
White felt motifs.

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Collection Fluo


Un subtil mélange de classicisme avec une touche fluo ultra tendance.
Pour les chambres de fille dans un esprit contemporain.\Motif rose fluo sur coton blanc, gris clair et taupe.

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Collection Pois

Polka dots

White polka dots on a grey, pink, violet or beige background.
Fuchsia polka dots on an off-white background.
Coloured felt motifs.

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Collection Paillettes

Cotton and sequins

A room with a bit of a "star" atmosphere
From nursery to children’s room.
White, brownish-grey, light grey, powder pink cotton.
Sequined motifs.

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Collection Liberty


English « girlie » and « cosy » atmosphere.
2 Liberty shades: pink and plum-coloured.
Coloured felt motifs.

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Collection Lin


A 100% linen fabric, a classic since 2001.
White felt motifs.

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Collection Toile à matelas


The well known grey striped fabric.
Boy’s rooms love it !
White or coloured felt motifs.

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Collection Coton

White cotton

A white poplin cotton which matches all colours and motifs.
Make your choice !

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A graphic and refined collection

The lamps are available in different fabrics: white organdie, natural linen, ticking, white, brownish-grey, light grey or powder pink cotton, pink Liberty or plum-coloured and polka-dots.

The lamps (bedside lamp, ceiling lamp, cube table lamp, wall lamp, standard lamp) are decorated with stylized designs in matching tones, coloured or sequined designs, which allows them to subtly fit in any children’s room, nursery, girl’s or boy’s bedroom.

All the collections are available in:

  • Ceiling lamp (3 sizes)
  • Cube table lamp (2 sizes)
  • Wall lamp with socket or cord switch
  • Standard lamp (2 lampshade sizes)
  • bBedside lamp (with lampstand)